5 Best Headphones For Airplane or Flying

Air travel presents its own specific set of acoustical challenges. The constant roar of an aircraft engine drowns out a great deal of sound. Fellow passengers in close proximity are rarely interested in sharing their neighbors’ aural experiences for the duration of a flight. Headphones for air travel must excel at noise cancellation, and sound isolation while allowing very little audio bleed. Furthermore, they must provide the comfort and portability demanded by long in-flight conditions. We have compiled a review of five models that meet these criteria and have made our list of the best headphones for airplane-2015 or best headphones for flying-2017.

Plane Quiet Active Noise Canceling Headphones- Best headphone for airplane travel-2017

Plane Quiet has produced an inexpensive model specifically designed to accommodate the difficult acoustics of flying. These headphones are certified to be compliant with FAA regulations and engineered for high-quality in-flight performance.

Compatible with most mobile devices and all standard airline-equipped audio systems, Plane Quiet headphones feature Pass Through technology that allows a signal to be transmitted even in the absence of a working battery. At a scant 7.5 ounces, this is one of the lightest noise-canceling units on the market. For only $55, it is also one of the best values in the field and is one of the best headphones for flying in 2015.

Solitude XCS Active Noise Canceling and Amplifier Headphones- One of the best headphones for airplane travel-2015

Solitude’s noise-reduction technology is active across the entire frequency range rendering these headphones useful in a wide variety of acoustical settings.

With exceptional audio reproduction for a mere $85, this model comes about as close as any to audiophile-quality sound at a budget price. Its noise-reducing feature can be turned on and off with a built-in switch. In the off mode, the bass register is compensated for a deeper punch, and the overall signal is amplified for enhanced clarity.

Interchangeable cables permit compatibility with smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, iPad, iPod and iPhone. The versatility and performance of the Solitude XCS, along with its highly competitive price point, comprise an attractive entry to the arena of headphones for air travel. And it has made our list of the best headphones for flying-2017.

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones for flying-2017

The QC 15 is arguably the industry standard-bearer in the field of headphones for air travel. For $270, these babies have reinvented the way noise reduction is achieved. Each ear cup is equipped with one internal and one external microphone to pick up and filter sounds from the environment.

The result is unprecedented signal clarity under conditions of maximum sound isolation. Combined with the unimpeachable audio standards that have come to be expected of Bose, these innovations illuminate the reasons that QuietComfort 15 has become synonymous with noise-canceling headphone technology.

Sennheiser PXC NoiseGard Active Noise Canceling Headphones- one of the best headphones for airplane-2017

If the Bose QC 15 is the Cadillac of noise-canceling headphones, the Sennheiser PXC is the Rolls Royce. Standardly equipped with adaptive, sound-damping baffles and patented Duofol diaphragms, this unit consistently accomplishes ambient noise reduction of 90 percent and is without any doubt a top headphone for airplane or flying.

Its proprietary Talk Through feature allows the listener to converse with someone in close proximity without taking off the headphones or losing noise attenuation. Passive mode permits the signal to be transmitted directly from a host device without the benefit of a live battery. An impressive frequency range from 8Hz to 28kHz ensures accurate response across the aural spectrum. For $320, the Sennheiser PXC delivers the performance standards of expensive high-end models at a fraction of the price.

JVC HANC250 Noise Canceling Headphones- Another best headphone for flying-2017

JVC’s unique double-closed housing design provides an extra layer of sound insulation to the HANC250’s neodymium magnet-driven 40mm transducers. For the fortunate listener, this translates to crystal-clear audio quality with up to 85 percent active attenuation of ambient noise. Extra-thick, foam-padded ear cups contribute to further sound absorption and optimize a relaxed fit for the wearer. At just 5.3 ounces, these lightweight gems exemplify comfort and portability. With a price tag of $110, affordability can be added to the list.

This completes our list of top 5 best headphones for airplane travel. Hope you find this best headphones for flying in 2015 and 2017 helpful. Please share this post.