I get emails every now and then suggesting to write something to help choose them best cell phone plans. It is my great honor to present you this blog post about best cell phone plans-2017. Providing prepaid cell phone plans is a huge business today and there are many companies trying their best to increase the subscription. The main reason behind this boom in prepaid plans is due to the fact that prepaid cell phone plans are cheaper and more flexible in many ways.

Benefits of Prepaid cell phone plan Vs contract and the primary reasons for increase in popularity

1. Most of the prepaid cell phone plans do not require you to sign the one or two year contract unlike most big companies providing you with an option to quickly switch to another service at your will.

2. Prepaid plans do not require you to pay any late fees.

3. Selected services are unlimited, that is, unlimited text, unlimited minutes and unlimited data.

On the other hand, there are some cons of prepaid cell phone plans. Generally, your phone is not insured and if you damage your phone, you will be required to buy a new one while most contract plans allow you to insure your phone against any future problems. You are more likely to have access to newer versions of the phone with a contract for a cheaper price.

I personally use prepaid plan, simple mobile, myself. In the past, I have used contract plans but I believe, all things considered, prepaid plans are the winners. If you have decided or are considering to switch to prepaid service, you can use any of the services below. This list of best prepaid cell phone plan is wisely chosen to compare the services they provide, overall cost as well as the coverage area.

Simple Mobile- My personal service and I believe it is the best prepaid cellular plan-2017

Simple mobile is one of the top company that sells ridiculously cheap prepaid services. Their plan starts for as low as $25 a month that comes with unlimited minutes, texts and international text but lack data service. If you do not need internet in your phone, this is the best prepaid plan.

The coverage area is spectacular and if you need internet on your phone, they got you covered. For $40, $50, and $60 you will get 1GB, 3GB and 5GB of data respectively. I personally use $40-plan and 1GB are always more than enough for me.

Also, the data is actually unlimited. You will get full speed 4G LTE speed for up to allocated data and if somehow you exceed it, the speed is throttled down and you will still be able to access low speed data. I  have been using this service for almost 2 years and never had any kind of problem.  The network is good, no late fees, flat $40 a month, what else shall I wish for and why don’t you switch or get one today?!

H2o Wireless Prepaid plan- Also provides best pay as you go cell phone plan-2017

This is another top prepaid cell phone plan in 2017! H2o provides as good service as simple mobile. Its unlimited texts and talk start for as low as $30 a month, which is not bad at all. On top of that, you will also get 500 MB of data. So, if you need unlimited talk and text and a little bit of internet, this $30 plan from H2o is the winner over simple mobile!

For $40 you will get all the features of $30 plan in addition to 1GB data. Now, if you are an immigrant or have someone abroad, chances are that the $50 plan will be more suitable for you because with 2GB of data and free call to 50 other countries, you will get $40 international talk credit if you need to call the country not covered in their “50 countries list”.

Add $10 more and you have unlimited data. Because I do have friends that use H2o prepaid plans, I know this for a fact that if you love iPhones, H20 is more compatible. They also provide best pay as you go plans.

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Lycamobile- Another option for best prepaid cell phone plan!-2017

Lycamobile is literally free to start. They provide you a free sim card with the purchase of any plan! Their unlimited plan starts from $23 and goes up gradually for added data and services. Truth is, I do not know anyone who actually uses their plan, but the plans they have is really attractive financially. $23 a month?! Pretty impressive. Find out more about lycamobile if you are drooling because of their super competitive price!

More good prepaid service plans-2017

There are many other companies that sell prepaid plan service. The well known companies that sell this type of service are, but not limited to, T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Tracfone, MetroPcs, Net10, Cricket, etc etc. You can go with either of them to enjoy the benefits of using prepaid plans. I personally recommend either simple mobile or H20 because of my personal first hand experience, but you are free to do business with any other companies. Switch today and start saving big time! Also, since this type of service requires an unlocked phone, you can search for unlocked phones below before buying a service.


  1. Ptel is better than Simple Mobile. It has a $25 unlimited plan with unlimited 2G. Slow speed but good enough for emergencies.

  2. This is without doubt the worst company I have ever had to deal with. If I could give them 5 negative stars that is what I would do. I could write a long screed against them detailing what I went through with H2O but that would be a very long review. I will just touch on a couple points. Take a good look at their website before you sign up. In general it is not a good website which should raise some flags but the real warning sign is that if you go to their help page …. There is absolutely no contact information …. No phone number …. No address and very little text information about troubleshooting should you run into problems. That should immediately make you want to head for the door. If you stick around there is online chat (very long waits and incompetent service if you do get through), and you can do a search on the Internet for the phone number and call them up. The people on the other side of the phone won’t be able to help you with any technical problem and will probably not be able to understand you or you them. I have no problem with people that have trouble with the English language however when you are tying to deal with something that is not in the script in front of them it can get to be a bit of a problem when you are dealing with technical issues. The real problems start when you realize that this company doesn’t care about their customers or their product and you try to leave …. They put a lot of obstacles in the way and I found getting shot of them and onto a service that does care about their product and services something of a nightmare. If I was able to send them a bill for the half a week of time I spent trying to do that I would. Companies are either run well and provide good services that they are proud to stand behind … Or they don’t and should not last long in the marketplace. H2O is one of the latter type of businesses. There are much better options out there (T-Mobile and the interesting company RingPlus [CDMA-compatible phone needed at the moment]

    (If you are mainly a data junkie as this plan comes with a small amount of talk time)

    Ok that is my warning … If you decide to continue on with H2O …. I will pray for you …. but hopefully this warning will have some sort of impact …